Sunday, 23 March 2014

Home Learning for the rest of term!

Home Learning
There have been lots of parents asking about home learning in our class.  Here is a reminder so you know what is expected every week.

These things feed into our class programme.  Writing seeds form the basis of any free writing done by your child and the writing that comes to school on Monday is edited with a buddy and continues along the writing process until it is published.  These things are required EVERY WEEK.

However - there are sometimes fun optional Home Play Challenges set.  Here is our next one…..
You have heaps of time to plan and experiment for the end of term and Easter.

How do you eat your creme egg?


The ideas on this movie clip were pretty lame so try some creative options of your own:
Frozen, melted on ice-cream, smashed?  In the bath, in a onesie or up a tree?  How could you tell the story of smashing your egg, how it got up the tree…?

Create a short movie of how you eat your creme egg.  It should not be longer than about one minute and hopefully have a commentary and or music.  Good luck my Secret Creme Egg Eaters!

We will share these movies in the last week of school so they are due on in Friday 11th April at 3pm.

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