Friday, 13 September 2013

The Wind

 The wind has blown my dog.  He went outside to see what was happening and was whimpering as the back trap door to the attick got sucked up and down.  The bikes were blowing over I was just sleeping like Dad.   Everone else as awake.  Garth was screaming because he sleeps with the lights on and his screams were like an alarm dog was barking.  Caz was killing Merin and Garth by jumping on them.  At 4am it was like a night club at our house with no power and sort of like a night club with no disk ball.  Mum was not happy!  
The first thing my mum does in the morning is to have a cup of tea but with no power she could not have one.  It made her grumpy!
I liked the wind because we got to invide friends over and not go to school.

By Tor

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