Sunday, 28 July 2013

Home Learning Grid Weeks 1-2

Hi team - check out the great ideas for home learning in the first couple of weeks.

Remember that our focus this Term is to really concentrate on quality home learning and everyone handing their books in.  That might just mean recording the things you already do and bringing your book in on time.  For other it might mean getting up away from the TV and doing some cool things with your time.

Every homelearning book in on time with boxes completed will earn the class one point towards the Pyramid of Success!

Please click on the image for a closer look.  Extra copies of the Home Learnig Grid are in the cloakbay.

Steps for success:
Get the sheet glued in ASAP
Make a plan - what days are busy?  What days can you fit some tasks in?
Do a little bit often.
Not on the calendar when it is due in.

Remember - this is your challenge.  You have not been successful if Mum or Dad have to keep nagging you to do it!  DUE:  Friday 9th August

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