Sunday, 28 July 2013

Growing our own food!

How exciting - Term 3 is just about to kick off!

We are investigating how to grow our own food.  Leave some comments about what you want to learn about how plants grow, fruit, vegetables etc.

Take a look at this cool time-lapse video of a seed germinating.

Term 3 is all about:
  • Science experiments (lots and lots)
  • Disecting plants
  • Making seeds fly!
  • Writing instructions
  • Following instructions
  • Time lapse video
  • Science Fair in Week 9 (you will all have an exhibit)
  • QR Codes for mihis
  • Lots of Te Reo learning (Time, numbers, Where/what is this?)
  • KidsAKO - workshops run by us and Weedsons School (Week 6)
  • Making crazy vege face collages
  • Having a class allotment
  • Daily 5
  • Book Week - dress ups on Friday Week 4 (yippee)
  • Making an avatar
  • Staying safe on the Internet
Yippee - I am so excited about all the great learning we will do together this term.  See you all tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Wow E-Team - sounds like you have a busy and exciting term ahead! Kowhai Room are looking forward to joining you for our educamp in week 6.

    I thought that time lapse of the seed germinating was really interesting - how long do you think it took to film it?


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