Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reading EEKK in Daily 5

We have to sit with elbows and knees touching so we can whisper to each other.


  1. Brodie you spoke really clear and
    you could work on slowing down
    So I could hear you better and understand
    What you were saying.
    But apart from that I thought you were great
    I will try it one day at a time when I am free. Chloe. Age 8. Rm 6
    Is it a poem?

  2. I liked how you read so fluently. The poem you read was really cool.from room 5 ranzau school

  3. I have never heard of that before but it is cool you are a awesome reader from Abigail

  4. That was cool Brodie. I love that poem. From Megan Room 5 Ranzau School.

  5. very good voice and fluency.
    from matthew
    ranzau school

  6. That was such a cool poem! By Megan alice jordy room 5 ranzau school.

  7. I Like the poem that you did. From shontelle


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