Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hoplite War

On Friday, the Athenian Goddesses (Allana and Elaine!) declared war on the Hoplite Army.  The Athenians had the advantage of modern weapons (Nerf Guns) but the Hoplites knew how to work as a team.  They overlapped their shields and moved together to protect the whole group rather than just themselves.  The designs on their shields represented the Greek Values they most identified with.  Thanks to Stu for his help with these.

This challenge reminded us of what the Ancient Greeks have taught us.  They showed us that team work is very important.  We can see this also in Māori Values or Kotahitanga and in the Springston A+ Characteristics.  We will tell you more about what we have learned next week.


  1. Mrs taylor what you said is true we overlapped are sheild's and also had to work as a team anyway it was fun

  2. Wow! That looks really fun I wish we could do something like that in our class and it would be really fun to make and wear those awesome clothes and weapons.


  3. It was alot of fun even though the Hoplite soldiers were too clever for the Athenian Goddesses. I am very proud of the teamwork and values that you all displayed.


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