Thursday, 16 February 2012

Time Team visit a French Cave!

Today during writing the Time Team went to a different country to see how Pre-historic Man recorded their stories and memories in art.  Take a look at the cave yourself and then read our favourite sentences from our 10 minute writing.

Lascaux Cave

We will add our writing here:

Scary blackness inside as we are exploring through the cave of darkness.  Ripora
It feels like I have been eaten by a monster in the dark cave.  Jess
It's like I'm in a dead skeleton body.  Lachlan
I can hear the stags running through my mind.  Chloe
The big bison killed a man.  It is sad because he was hunting for food but the bison was hungry as well. Graeson
In my head I can hear the cow mooing. Sophie
It looks dark in the cave. Bria
The cave it looks like a boney giant.  Liam

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