Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Dream Giver by Rosie

In the dark shadows of the middle of the night, things happened while the villagers slept. A sudden flash of light flittered past heading towards the orphanage. His dragonfly body was bony and he wore hardly any clothes - except for a pair of magical night vision goggles. His big saucer eyes hid the hidden the secrets within his soul. This strange man was the Dream Giver. His bony fingers wrapped around the wooden shutter. 

He crept in and looked around the orphanage.  Out came the first illuminated egg from his rough sack.

The Dream Giver gently cracked the next illuminated egg onto the football at the end of a little boy’s bed. The football players came running out of the egg. "They shoot. It’s a goal for the All Whites!" came the shouting sounds over the loud speakers. The Dream Giver stood up with a satisfied look on his face. 

 The next egg got cracked onto two little figures of a Border Collie and a Kerry Blue Terrier. In the dream the girl was in a field of long grass next to her dogs Fern and Pipi. They played and the day never ended. 

 The final egg was cracked onto a book of a astronaut opend on a small boy's bed. He suddnely found himself happily doing summersaults through space. His legs wer wriggling and knocks an egg onto a book called The Shadow Lizard. This was not a good dream! A huge whirlpool sucked him up into a new world. 

The small boy woke up dazed into a world of Autumn trees and surrounded by dancing butterflies. Then he turned to see threatening carved faces made of stone with scary faces. Then with a sudden BOOM, two yellow eyes jumped out from beneath the hidden cave. The Shadow Lizard chased him.

Back at the orphanage the Dream Giver saw the terror that the boy would be seeing. He had to help!

The little boy was running for his life. He ran straight through the forest and then had to skid to a halt at the edge of the cliff. He turned in horror and saw the large Shadow Lizard sneering over him, breathing heavily. The boy covered his eyes so he didn't see the great drops of slobber! The roar was like a tremendous THUD! This was the end he thought to himself. Then he heard a mighty roar of anger. He looked up to see the Dream Giver dropping eggs to the ground. The giant branches wrapped around the Shadow Lizard then its head hit the ground. It was dead! The boy was safe. 

Back at the orphanage, he woke up and found the book of his dream open on his bed.

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