Sunday, 13 October 2013

Kidsedchatnz topic: Books

Wednesday 16th October - Topic: Books

This week's topic for Kidsedchatnz is Books. Check out the questions!

Q1. Do you like/dislike books? How often do you read?

Q2. Are books important? Why do people read them?
Q3. Tell us about your favourite book and why do you like it?
Q4. Books provide us with lots of new information, 
can you share with us something you have learnt from a book?
Q5. Can you please share with us any on-line/digital books that you like?

Check out this video for inspiration...

Check out the link to see the new macot and badges!  Do you think they should visit us at Springston Team Endeavour?  Mascot link here.

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