Thursday, 21 February 2013

Middle Team Beach Ed

The whole Middle Learning Team went to the beach to learn heaps about being safe at the beach.  Take a look at the photo slide then look at the comments below.  We are all going to tell you what we learned.

I hope we get all the Sun-smart rules and the 10 Surf Rules for the beach.


  1. When your at the Beach you need to slip, slop, slap, warp, slurp, slide and smuge. Remember to slip on t-shirt, slop on sunscreen,slap a hat on, wrap on sun glasses, slurp drink some water not fizzy or you'll get dehydrated, slide on some jandles, smudge on some lip balm.
    If in doubt stay out. Consider other surf users.

    By Liam and Sam Room 6

  2. If you your stuck in a rip put your hand straight up.

    Never swim alone.
    Never swim when you are cold.

    Swim between the flag.
    by Tor, George, Lachie.

  3. slip on a t - shirt
    slop on some suncream
    slap a hat on
    warp put sun glasses
    swim between the flags
    If in doubt stay out
    Daniella & Estee

  4. Slip on a t-shirt,slop on some sunblock,slap on a hat,wrap on some sunnies,slurp lots of water to stay hydrated,step on some shoes,slide under shade,smudge on some lip balm.
    Swim between the flags.Have an adult watch over you.Listen to the advice from life guards.Never swim alone.


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