Monday, 26 November 2012

Isabella's Holiday

One day in the holidays I went to my dad's friends and we went to the Lime Hills pet show.  There dad was really silly and we had to sleep in the tent.

This is me and my brothers when we had to go to see the lizards.  They where relly cool and my brothers think it was cool as well.  There was a playground when you went out.  I loved my holiday.


  1. Bella I would like to go down South like that but I'm not allowed to.

    Chloe aged 8

  2. Wow Isabella that sounds fun I wish I was there .

  3. wow that sounds cool looks like you had a good holiday

  4. Man Izzy it looks like fun
    going camping down south.
    I wish that I could go.

    Chloe. Age 8


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