Thursday, 13 September 2012

Chloe's Daily 5 Writing

Chloe wrote this story during Daily 5 Work on Writing.  She used the editing cards to improve her work and published it. Well done on following the Writing Process Chloe!

At the Zoo
When Mum was away Dad said “ Do you want to go to the Zoo?” Lachlan and I both said “Yes.” So we did.  Dad packed us some lunch, a drink of sparkling lemon and off we went. 

At the Zoo there were lots of different shaped and sized animals like The Ringed-Tailed-Lemurs, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Tigers and Lions, Giraffes and lots of other animals. 
A week ago a Giraffe named Harold, the zoos only male giraffe had passed-away. It was a sad day for the keepers at the zoo that day and now they are looking for another male giraffe and it is tough.

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