Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Secret Location 4!

I hope this 'Secret Location' is more of a challenge and takes more than one day to solve or I might be running out of holiday photographs.  These are all our own photos so I did not put the name of the owner or link to a website.  Just to be sure:  Photos by Mark & Allana Taylor

Same challenge, same comments - remember to use YES / NO questions, check the editing and leave your name. 

Will you be the winner of Secret Location 4?


  1. Is it in the middle of Tongariro National Park, with Mt Ruapehu in the background? Hope you don't need the road name. Will leave that to Alice to find out! Room 17 Westport North.

  2. Well done both Room 17 and Alice K. It is Whakapapa Village with Mt Ruapehu in the background, but what is the name of the large building?

  3. Is it Bayview chateau tongariro

    Alice K Molly B

  4. Is it Chateau Tongariro in Whakapapa Village? Alice K and Molly B

  5. Well done Alice and Molly - it is the Chateau Tongariro in Whakapapa Village. They do a nice coffee there!


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