Friday, 21 May 2010

Oliver and Billy's entry in the A+ Video Competition

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And here we have the final entry in the competition. These Year 6 boys worked on this video in their own time, at home. Another awesome effort! By now you should have a great idea of what the A+ characteristics mean at Springston School.


  1. Well done on winning the movie tickets and popcorn boys. I love the way you included the video of a goldfish and sheep to show what not using A+ Characteristics is like. I love your sense of humour - you got a laugh from the whole assembly!


  2. I enjoyed your video. Love how you found words from different places and strung them together. The video in the middle added great depth. I always think, if a picture is worth 1000 words then what must video be worth:-)
    Great Job.
    Found your blog through twitter.
    Ms. Rolle, New Jersey, USA

  3. Annabelle:This is really cool and I hope people learn things from this.The fish and the goats are funny.


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