Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rosie gives up the puppies

Check out the piece Rosie posted on her own blog.  It is about having to give up all the puppies to new homes.  I have added a picture of when her puppies came to visit us at school.

Today is the day that the farmer is coming to pick up one of our puppies.  I'm standing in the dog run. I'm so nervous. I hope I don't cry. I wonder what puppy will get chosen. I hope it's not my favourite, not that I really have one but I do like some better than the others.  The puppies are circling me like a pack of dolphins around a boat.  I pick up Stripes, her furry face rubs against my skin. I hear the sound of two cars pulling up and soon a family of five are standing next to me in the run. The farmer picks up Nike and he says  "I prefer black and white rather than the tricolours"  I give Nike one last hug as she heads to her new life.

The next weeks went by and we still had six puppies. It is Monday I was on the way from pottery with Sarah when dad said that a guy is coming to pick up Harry. I asked him if Harry had gone yet. He said he didn't know.  After we dropped off Sarah we said a quick hello to mum and then zipped down to Bruce's to see if Harry had gone yet. As we drove I had a sudden sadness. I didn't know it was going to be this hard to say good-by to Harry. When Nike went it wasn't this hard because they looked friendly and they had kids plus Bruce knew them. went over to the kennel where Harry was. A few more minutes went by, finally the man came. He looked rough.... well he was rough.   I couldn't hold it, secretly wimpered.


  1. oooohhhh, you have nearly made me cry. I can feel how upset you were and there is a know in my stomach.
    You have used paragraphs well to show that the writing is about the two different dogs.

    I love the way you use a series of short sentences to really draw me in and build tension. It seems like you are nervous.

    Add a comma inside the sentence after you use but....
    I hope it’s not my favourite, not that I really have one but, I do like some better than the others.

  2. Hi Rosie that is sad story to let your dogs go. but i like it

    from jaimee

  3. Hello,
    I am a student studying to be a teacher and we are learning about kids blogs. So we had to look at a few and I came to yours. Wow what emotion you showed in your writing! Great job describing everything I felt like I was loosing a puppy. Nice work.

  4. Hi Elizabeth
    I like your photo.My Dad didn't have his glasses on so he thought at first you were drinking out of a gumboot but you were kissing a horse. Thanks for your nice comments.
    From Rosie


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